Top 10 Wedding Songs

Need to make sure the DJ does not play terrible music at your wedding?  Here is a great list of top 10 wedding songs that should be on the mandatory play list. Time tested and proven to get EVERYBODY on the dance floor. As a result your guests will stay longer and the night will be memorable! People only remember the food and the party so make sure the music is great! Of course this top 10 wedding songs post is very subjective and could easily be swapped out with a different 10.


10. Kool & The Gang – Celebration

Kool & The Gang - Celebraion Top 10 Wedding Songs

Everybody is there to celebrate right!?  Of course they are so make sure this one gets it’s moment! As a matter of fact you’ll be smart to play this as your first dance song of the evening. Listen here.






9. Michael Jackson – Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough

Michael Jackson - Don't Stop till You Get Enough Top 10 Wedding Songs.png

Safe to say anything Michael Jackson will win over most attendees at every kind of wedding. Getting this played will indeed result in bums getting out of their seats! Listen here.







8. Calvin Harris – Feel So Close

Calvin Harris Feel So Close top 10 wedding songsComing in at 8 is a much more current tune.  Calvin Harris is universally loved around the world so %90 of your guests will dig it.  In other words your sister, mom, dad & grandma. You’ll find Calvin on top 10 wedding songs playlists every time. Listen here.







6. ACDC – You Shook Me All Night Long

ACDC You Shook Me All Night Long top 10 weddign songsYou absolutely have to give rock’n’roll it’s time to shine. Nothing screams rock’n’roll more so than ACDC. Tip: Play it 2/3 of the way through the evening. Don’t be alarmed when “that guy” takes off his tie and put’s it around his head. Standard protocol. Listen here.







5. Van Morrison – Brown Eyed Girl

Van Morrison Brown Eyed Girl top 10 wedding songs Likely one of the most played songs at every wedding and definitely on all top 10 wedding songs lists. It has that timeless feel good vibe and everyone sings along. Just do it. Listen here.







4. Isley Brothers – Shout

Isley Brothers Shout top 10 wedding songsEssential tune which has been producing magic on dance floors since 1959.  The magic with this tune lies in the classic call & response and sing along elements.  Everyone’s seen the “a little bit softer now, a little bit softer now…” moment as the whole dance floor get’s as low to the ground as possible only to spring up and “SHOUT!”. In other words it’s a must.  Listen here.






3. Pharrell Williams – Happy

Pharrell Williams Happy Top 10 wedding songs Nothing will make your guests happier than hearing happy.  It’s an especially happy feel gooder!  Even if you’re elderly guests are not able to hit the dance floor, their toes will be tapping. Happy days require happy music.   Listen here.







2. Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk

Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk top 10 wedding songsKeeping things funky is always a win win. Nobody has more funk currently the Mr. Bruno Mars.  Uptown Funk could easily be on top of the list as it will fill the floor every time.  Not only will they come running, absolutely no one will leave the floor when it starts. That’s a fact.  Listen here.




1. Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’

Journey - Don't Stop Believing top 10 wedding songs My last 16 years of dj’ing has led me to “believin” that every single person loves to belt out Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’.  Without fail, this song is the go to track to get people singing along. In all honesty it’s more of a fist pumper jump up and downer than a dancer but upon hearing that first piano note, everyone comes running. Listen here.

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Vancouver Event Venues

This is a list of some really great Vancouver Event Venues.  We’ve had the pleasure of working at all of them therefore recommend them to anyone looking for a great venue.

1.The Permanent

the permanent vancouver event venuethe permanent vancouver event venue

This is a brand new addition to the Vancouver Event Venues market. An absolute stunner and top of the list for medium size soirées.  The Permanent can accommodate up to 130 guests for a seated dinner and up to 250 guests for a standing reception. Maximum capacity is 263 persons, including staff and vendors.  Situated inside an old bank, there are beautiful finishes including an old vault and an incredible stained glass atrium. We produced a great event for Lush Cosmetics here and everyone involved with the venue was great to work with. Highly recommended vancouver event venue.

2.  The Vancouver Club

the vancouver club vancouver event venuethe vancouver club ballroom vancouver event venue

The Vancouver Club is polar opposite to The Permanent as it’s been around since 1889!!  Not opposite in it’s atmosphere however as it’s an extremely classy, elegant venue to host in.  A truly historic heritage building in the bustling business district of downtown Vancouver.  Conveniently there are many rooms and bars able to service 12 to 280 people making it extremely versatile. For this reason it ranks high in  Vancouver event venues.  Have a look here for some images of  an event we produced in the ballroom. We supplied the stage, audio system, lighting and DJ gear and worked with our friends at Electrabelle to create a great visual experience as well.

3. Stanley Park Pavilion

pavilion lawn stanley park vancouver event venue

lord stanley ballroom wedding set up vancouver event venue

As far as Vancouver Event Venues go, this is a beauty. Situated in beautiful Stanley Park it has amazing surrounding scenery among the forest and rose gardens therefore the venue works exceptionally well for a wedding. As a result of the beautiful outdoors the photo opportunities are exceptional.  The pavilion lawn is the perfect spot to say “we do’s.”  Moving inside the Lord Stanley Ballroom and Tea Room accommodates 100-300 guests so it’s a great size.  A great venue in Vancouver and a must see when searching for venues in the city.

4. Loungeworks

loungeworks vancouver event venue

vancouver event venue loungworks gazeebo installation

Finally here is a really cool, versatile event space. It can be transformed from a fun party atmosphere to an elegant affair to a professional business environment. Loungeworks is a furniture and decor rental house but has this showroom venue available for bookings.  Furthermore it’s a decent size with a reception capacity of 220 and seated dining capacity of 120. That means you can get creative with the room set up and lucky for you, the room rental rate includes any of the items listed in their catalogue!!  Another perk is the 2am closing time which is a nice feature if your event requires you to go a little later.

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